Savannah, Georgia

I moved into Suburban Lodge at the middle of February. I loved the room and most of the people who work there except for Peter (Front desk supervisor) and Mac Korat (manager).

I had been there for about two weeks or so and went in to pay my rent. I was told by Peter that my room may not be available the next week. I said do I move to another room. He said to another hotel.

I protested. I stated that I had no intention of checking out. When I looked at the contract, it did state that the hotel could decline to renew if they wanted to. I have never heard of anything like that at all.

I know that hotels will try to find other rooms for reservations if the guest in the room wanted to stay. The timing of this attempted thief was around St. Patrick's Day. There are no rooms available in Savannah for St.

Pat's Day. He wanted to get my room so that he could rent it for a higher rate. I contacted Choice Hotels and I didn't hear anything else from Peter about that again. Unfortunately, Peter likes to hold grudges and he had a huge one for me.

I was granted extensions a couple of times for rent.

The first time I didn't need it- I got the money in a timely manner. Let me say that my payment history at SL was excellent. After the second extension I was told by Peter that his manager (Mac Korat) informed him not to offer the extension to me anymore because "SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE TO PAY". I am African American- I know exactly who "some people" are.

Fortunately, I discovered that I was a member of the Choice Privilege Points program. I was able to secure free nights.

When I used two free nights, Peter tried to evict me. He waited until eight thirty at night to call my room and demand payment. I told him I had two free nights.

He asked where did the two free nights come from. I told him about using my points to get free nights. The reservation was not set up so I didn't have the reservation number. He said if I can't pay I can't stay in the hotel.

By this time, my hands are shaking and I am extremely upset. I called the points office and they called Peter to explain that my situation was in their notes- it is not a made up story. Peter took the reservation from him. When I asked Peter why he waited so long, he said that he called and called my room.

That was a lie. I was home the entire day- my phone rang twice. The first time I was in the shower- I checked the phone but didn't see a message light. The next time was around eight thirty.

Another reason why Peter lied about him knowing is that on renewal day- an employee usually comes to the room and inquire about renewal. If I was to pay that day, why didn't anyone come to my room? It happened every other time, why not then. The front desk person that day ( a lady) talked with the Choice Privilege rep all day, trying to establish a reservation.

I don't believe that the front desk person did not tell Peter what was going on. If she didn't say anything, there had to be notes in the system about my arrangement. Peter got upset with me on the phone and let his true intention slip when he said "You were supposed to pay on time" then he caught himself. I believe that Peter had it in for me every since I reported him to corporate for trying to steal my room on St.

Patrick's Day. His attitude and behavior towards me got worse and worse because he was constantly trying to make my stay there unpleasant. He did everything in his power to make it more difficult for me to stay instead of working with me to help me stay. The ironic part is that I am a grad student and get financial aid.

My excess payment will be coming in at the last of August.

I will receive a few thousand dollars that I would have loved to spend at Suburban Lodge but I won't. Although I loved being there, and who knows I may return, the benefits of the hotel cannot make up for the nastiness, unethical and unprofessional behavior that I had to tolerate at the hands of Peter and Mac Korat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Room.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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